About Us

The Southpaw Story

Everyone needs "their" place and if you live in Georgetown we hope that Southpaw will become yours.  Located in Georgetown South's Miller Plaza, Southpaw is a place where you and your friends and family can hang out and enjoy a delicious meal or one of our expertly prepared coffees.  

We believe that our cafe should reflect the duality of the place where we are and where our people are from.

Why Southpaw?  It's a nod to our location and to the ten percent of people who are left handed, like me.

Mike Murphy

It all started with dessert.  When you come from a family of seven if you wanted to ensure there was dessert you learned to make it yourself.  My interest in baking and cooking grew from that point and culminated with the creation of Southpaw Coffee Bar and Cafe.

So what do I cook?  I cook foods from my life and my experiences.  I have been fortunate to have lived in six countries and have friends from many more. People and places have taught me new ingredients, traditional techniques and old recipes.  I love learning about dishes and what they mean to people; so if you have a favourite let me know, it may even end up on the menu.
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